• shaul shitrit

    Co-founder & CEO ([email protected], Kellogg grad)

  • yoni ram

    Co-founder & CPO (ex-Google, INSEAD grad)

We started Homes with a mission

Today’s rental market produces unnecessary friction and uncertainty for renters and property owners alike. By creating a seamless rental experience, Homes aims to serve as the trusted industry standard.

We create homes that people love.
We build for scale.


Wherever you’re heading, your home will be waiting for you

  • Free as a bird

    Arctic terns hold the record for the longest migrations known in the animal kingdom, annually making the journey from the Arctic pole to the Antarctic pole, seeing two summers each year. Arctic terns can be found just about everywhere as their travels take them to every ocean and every continent. They glide through the skies on a breeze and nest once every one to three years. Once it has finished nesting it takes to the sky for another extraordinary journey. Want to explore the world? Not an Arctic Tern? Homes is for you.

    Be a part of the change

    Join us in reducing ecological footprints as a way of living

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      gil geva

      Chairman & Founder of Tidhar Group

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      ziv aviram

      Mobileye & Orcam Founder

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